Welcome to Heritage Backup! In every home and mind on St. Martin, there are important stories. These should be part of the history of St. Martin. We want to build this history together with you. Documenting, preserving and sharing personal heritage is a tribute to the ancestors of the island and a gift to future generations.

Join us on this quest! Anyone can take part, and the tools and resources are all free. If you have questions, send us a message:

Part One: Your Heritage Inventory

Download this booklet to learn how to make a personal heritage inventory in your home. This is the first step to recording your personal and family history. Download this free PDF booklet. 

Your personal heritage collection is as unique and important as the collection of any museum. And, it can be cataloged in the same way! Are you ready to make your heritage inventory? Download this Personal Heritage Inventory worksheet with instructions. You can write your inventory on this worksheet, or use it as a guide.

Want to learn more about cataloging and why it is done? Check out the great Small Museums Cataloging Manual.

Part Two: Tools of the Trade

Download this booklet to identify the tools you already have to record your personal history, and how you can use them. If you have a computer, scanner, camera or videocamera that’s great. If not, you can do everything you need to do with a normal smartphone. Set yourself up to dive into your personal heritage collection and save those memories! Download this free PDF booklet. 

Set up your workspace and get your tools together. Download this Heritage Toolkit worksheet with instructions.

Get started recording your memories with this Photo Memories Activity. Choose a few photos and record your memories. If you don’t have photos to work with, try finding a few photos at that spark memories and use them for this activity. Download the worksheet.

What next? Visit the Heritage Backup page on for more resources!

Also available in French!