Fishing Nets

Ector Gumbs:
Those fishing nets were my father’s. Right where the nets are under the coconut tree is where we use to have what we called “A mashup cook up” almost every weekend. That cook up consisted of Shrimp, Crab, Conch, Crayfish and fish. The fish and conch were roasted on 3 fire rocks and the rest were boiled in a huge Kerosene Pan. This was in the sixties. I was just a youngster at the time but fully participated in catching the meal. The boat you see in the picture is what was used to go catch the Crayfish and Conch. The crabs and shrimp were caught in the Pond (the now Chesterfield location). The nets were used to round up Crevalle (Blue Runner), Jacks and occasionally Mullets. All neighbors used to gather for the feast, even visiting guests when we had an occasional cruise ship.

Image from Barbara Cannegieter Postcard Collection